Thursday, October 20, 2011

Slippery slope, Canada .... very slippery slope .... this needs to stop NOW !!

This has to come to a complete halt right now. Unbelievable! I had to pick my jaw from the floor after reading about this total  nonsense.   How can immigrants who entered Canada with the intent to become Canadian citizens still retain their rights to vote in elections in their old country? Also, that dual citizenship stuff is utter rubbish and it's about time Canada did away with it.  Either you come here to be a citizen of Canada or you stay put in the hellhole you hold so dear.  No two ways.  What irks me the most is that our politicians seem to think this stupid nonsense is fine and dandy.  Utter rubbish !!!!  Nothing but !!!

....Canada let citizens of 12 countries so far this year cast absentee ballots. Canada has even, in the rare case of Iraq's post-war elections, let a country's citizens vote in Canadian locations outside diplomatic missions.

But the diplomatic note drew the line clearly at that. It said Canada, as a matter of policy, "will continue to refuse requests by foreign States to include Canada in their respective extra-territorial electoral constituencies." The department also won't let foreign governments establish political parties or conduct election campaigns in Canada, the note said.

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird released a statement Sept. 22, saying that "No one should represent Canada—or a part of Canada—as a constituency in a foreign elected assembly." The policy, he reasoned, is "a matter of Canadian sovereignty." ....

via: CIR

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