Sunday, October 16, 2011

News bytes from here and there

No more spitting on the generosity of Canada and Canadian values. No sirreeee !!! The Canadian government is due to revoke the citizenship of some Lebanese, who have obtained their citizenship in fraudulent ways and have intentionally misrepresented their residence in the country, a government official said Wednesday. “The Government of Canada is in the process of revoking the citizenship of approximately 2,000 citizens including some Lebanese,” Jack Branswell, an officer at the Citizenship and Immigration Department of Canada told The Daily Star.

Glenn Beck has his say re. the Labor Unions-incited protests.

As one ponders the fate of Yousef Nadarkhani, the Iranian pastor on death row for refusing to renounce Christianity, it is well to reflect that, for all the talk that Islam is perpetually "misunderstood," it is actually immensely predictable and consistent; not only do its patterns cross time and space, but their manifestations are often identical. Consider: Muslims have no qualms proudly declaring the particulars of their religion for all and sundry to hear—no matter how absurd or how it reflects on them or Islam. Thus talk about the legitimacy of adult "breast feeding," pedophilia as marriage, insistence that the earth is flat, commands not to yawn (lest Satan flies down one's throat), the salutary effects of drinking prophet urine, the need to execute the "infidel" Mickey Mouse, and any number of other oddities and perversities are regularly evoked by Islam's sheikhs and clerics throughout the Muslim world.....

I am posting this Sep 18 article from the Toronto SUN re. the "slippery slope" of prayers in schools, because you just gotta read the comment from "Leafyankee".  

TheOtherMcCain writes about how some of Palin's biggest supporters took it on the chin from Palin haters and continued with their support for Palin without missing a step.

Michelle or Michael. Obama knows best or maybe his teleprompter does.

Shame on Syria. The youngest known convicted prisoner of conscience in the world is a Syrian citizen. Her name is Tal al-Mallouhi, and she has been in prison since she was seventeen years old.....

h/t: CIR /Irene/Simon/RO

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