Friday, October 7, 2011

So ... wanna know what's happening in Libya?

I have been reading a whole lot of blogs and tweets from Libyan bloggers and here's what I have threaded from the last few days:

Libyans are being reduced to less than humans. If some tweets are to be believed, the people have been reduced to eating their own pets because the food shortage in Sirte and some other areas is horrendous. NATO has been bombing even residential areas on any kind of intelligence that there are Gadhafi loyalists inside those homes or buildings.

Moreover, YouTube has completely deleted what little voice the Gadhafi loyalists had by deleting their videos within a couple of minutes after they are loaded. Unfortunately, the stupid Libyan sods, just like all muzzies, think that their videos are being killed by YouTube because it is "Zionist controlled". Stupid idiots just cannot believe that their own muzzie nations are bombing them to watery red messes and are silencing their voices in the MSM. With the exception of RT TV and some African newscast ... no MSM wants to touch on the Libyan story.  It's like the whole country has been sent to outer space.

It is also rumored that several tribes from Algeria are now fighting alongside the pro-Gadhafi forces and have managed to gain back control of some towns and cities and more importantly, several oil field operations. Also, the warrior tribes of Taurag? have signed an agreement with Gadhafi and are now playing havoc on his behalf.

You are simply not getting the news you deserve to hear. I am fully on the side of those ordinary, simple,everyday Libyans who are now at the mercy of the Al Qaeda murderers fighting for the new Libyan govt because I imagine myself as an ordinary, simple,everyday Libyan not really interested in politics and just want to get on with my ordinary life ... and then my life is turned upside down because of the dictator ruling my country and NATO in all it's unholy wisdom coming forth to destroy my country. These simple folks are running away from NATO bombs and the new govt.  Where are these blameless citizens fleeing?  They are fleeing to the safety of the areas where the pro-Gadhafi forces are to be found. That should  tell you, if nothing else will,  what really is happening in that country.

Also, you gotta read what the country that has embedded it's propaganda arms all over the world in the guise of Al Jazeera TV, is capable of doing to the new Libyan govt. even before it has parked it's dirty butt on the throne.

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