Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fox News turns against Christians in Egypt ...

why else would they sympathize with the Egyptian army responsible for  butchering and running over Christians in Cairo????   Most probably their news items have to be approved by the office of their biggest shareholder.... their Saudi Arabian overlord and master.

The right-wingers spread their wings only to have their enemies  cut them down with even the bluntest of weapons and with maximum ease.  Sad to see FoxNews network giving in to the evil side. SAD !!!

There was no need to tell us that: ...One soldier collapsed in tears as ambulances rushed to the scene to take away the injured....

That is called "stealth sympathy bot" purposely inserted within an article to show that the news item is speaking for both sides.  The speaking should have been on behalf of  one side and one side only.... the Coptic Christians,  tortured and suffering endlessly at the hands of  Egyptian muslims whether they be in the army or not.

FoxNews ... it's downhill for you from now on.... not only because of your stealth sympathy towards the Egyptian army, but also because you have not cared much about showing American disgust and anger at the Egyptian army and Egyptian muslims butchering Christians.  By refraining from so doing, you have sided with the butchers of Christians.  It will not be forgotten.

Goodbye islamized FoxNews.

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