Thursday, October 27, 2011

In which muslims claim toys insult their whatever and the world's best inventors make yet another contribution

This bit of news on the anti-islam toy guns  is me shamelessly  fishing for your derisive snort of the day.

..."After the massacre of the congregation of Our Lady of Deliverance Church on October 31, 2010, and other attacks in Iraq, the ratio of Iraqi Christians went down from 8% to 2%; in Palestine to just .5%, and in Lebanon from 75% to 32%. If emigration of Christians, who constitute nearly 16% of the Egyptian population, continues at the present rate, it may reach 250,000 by the end of 2011, and within ten years a third of the Coptic population of Egypt would be gone."....

Sari Nusseibeh has done it again. In an article titled "Why Israel Can't be a 'Jewish State,'" published on the Jewish New Year of all dates, the supposedly moderate president of al-Quds University goes to great lengths to explain why Jews, unlike any other nation on earth, are undeserving of statehood.

Island with muslim majority, rioting for more - what else is new, eh? ...The driving force beyond Mayotte’s insistance on being given county status was welfare. French overseas counties enjoy exactly the same rights and the same welfare benefits as mainland counties, from free medicine to guaranteed minimum wages to child-rearing allowances. As a French postcolonial dependency, Mayotte was already much richer than its neighbors. It enjoyed a per capita GDP of $4500 in 2010 according to the CIA World Factbook, greater than Mozambique’s or the Comoros’ $1000 and Madagascar’s $900. As a French county, however, Mayotte is poised to get much closer to France’s comparatively staggering $40,000.....

Wow ... 12000 year old solstice site found in Virginia. Exciting read.

Fraud commited by an employee of our Embassy in Turkey?  No, can't be, they must be wrong. We have only the good and decent in all our govt. agencies.... don't we? And, don't you know Muslims hate money. What are the chances that the "unnamed" embassy official is a Canadian of Turkish origin?

Andrew Klavan joining Beck's GBTV

Howard Rotberg writing at PJMedia:   The Europeans — who are now tolerating “no-go” areas in their cities, where radical Islamist separatist justice systems and social and human rights injustices are also therefore tolerated — are now having to reap what they have sown. I’ve dealt with it myself. In 2003, I wrote a novel about a Canadian professor whose daughter, studying in Israel, is injured in a terrorist attack. He writes a book about how anti-Israel sentiment has begun to reflect a vicious anti-Semitism. I soon ran into Islamist attempts to censor me and my novel. ....

Bloomberg's police officers make money every which way just like their mayor. Who do you contact when you want an illegal gun?  The NY police gun busters, of course.

Michael Totten does a lot of traveling. His revealing article here is simply 'awesome" and at the end of it you will start feeling sorry for a portion of the Egyptian populace whose dreams of "awesomeness" are now definitely on the chopping block given that the country will be fully shariahed in the near future.

Israel gives us the best inventors and scientists? This is why Israel should rightly get the big bucks from the USA. They sell their skills and brain power for the benefit of the world at large. Can any other people better the Jewish people in science, technology, discoveries or inventions ?

h/t: SF/M/Irene/MF and via: CIR , BruceMidEastSoundbites and ROP

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