Saturday, October 15, 2011

Regarding Libya ... just in case you want to know

Check out the "courageous" NATO-Libyan army. Look, look at those lovely checkered scarves, symbol of pally supporters. Gotta love the Al-Qaeda sense of style.. even in battle. But, don't you dare criticize our buddies-in-war.... don't you dare forget Canada stands with these guys.

Oh ... that reminds me. It's rumored that some of our pilots over the Libyan skies have refused to bomb civilian residential areas. Good for them. That's Canadian commonsense ... as Charles Adler would say.

More rumors are floating around that the pro-Gadhafi ordinary folks are taking up arms and have already taken back parts of Tripoli. Oh, oh .... what's the good NATO to do now???? tsk, tsk.

How do we know that the NATO partners-in-crime are rabid fundamentalists? Glad you asked. Nice, eh?!!  You ain't seen nothing yet.

And, here's what Assange had to say about the UN mandate re. Libya. The Wikileaks guy, whether you like him or not, is often proven right.

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