Friday, October 21, 2011

Shariah finance in Canada has to be put to sleep ... either painfully or painlessly

One year ago I had posted about the evil emitting from UM Financial, Canada.

Now, lo and behold they have gone into receivership. The people I would hold responsible for the bankruptcy of this shariahed institute would be not only the corporate heads but also the Ontario Department of Finance and possibly anybody else in the Federal govt's Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Canada who were complicit in issuing the licences for this entity to operate in shariah finance in a non-muslim country like ours. When you migrate to a Judea-Christian country, your financial transactions should be the kind used by the citizens of your new country. Shariah is not a practice in Canada.... you know where you can go if you have such needs !!

It's time for the Conservative Govt. of Stephen Harper to step up to the plate and dump shariah finance and all products linked to it.

Here are the numerous posts I kept churning out a year ago because even a novice like me, in financial matters more so, knew this was wrong and highly hypocritical.  Each and every Shariah product in Canada should be put to sleep for good. These products are not for us and instead of encouraging new muslim immigrants to assimilate and take on a Canadian identity, these products are doing just the opposite. Shariah finance and such stuff might be the done thing or the mandatory thing in muslim countries, not Canada. We are not yet a muslim country are we?  Let's try to keep our identity as a Judeo-Christian nation for as long as possible .... even against all odds.

Once again, let's watch the vid below to refresh our memories as to exactly what "shariah finance" means and entails. There are too many of us not aware of this evil practice and if we have to fight against the islamization of our lands, we HAVE TO learn about the numerous weapons of stealth jihad and how to deflect these often benign looking and usually invisible weapons of mass cunning.

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