Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Other stuff of interest

HAHAHHAH Hacker changes electronic road sign in Winnipeg.

BBC's reporter smuggles herself into Syria's Homs armed with a camera and gets to see a city and talk to the citizens.

Chavez likely has only two years to live.

The curse of multiculturism and diverstiy pushed on Russia and others. ...This bit of multiculti showbiz was ginned up by the City of Paris and the U.S. Embassy—which has gone so far as to lend the Stars And Stripes (see right) to the islamopropaganda—along with (what a surprise) Harvard University.The Institut's website says the Festival has been "organized through a partnership (réalisé en partenariat )between the City of Paris, the United States Embassy in France and Harvard University." Such réalisations always cost you money....

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