Thursday, October 20, 2011

In other news besides the death of a dictator

Simon Deng, former slave's message to  the Useless Nitwits conference. .

Unbelievable that french fries would be out of our reach if the govt. got it's way.  

Why is there an islamic history month in Canada and no month designated for Christian History, or Jewish History, or Buddhist History, or Hindu History, or Bah'aa History, or Zorastrian History or any of the multitude of other religions ?  Canada is on  the slippiest slope and going downhill at breakneck speed.

Shame on Israel says Dr.Pipes. Maybe the madness afflicting the countries around it has had a contagious effect. There are lots of people who think this was a fair exchange because it sort of  proves that one Israeli  life is worth 1027 of the worthless muzzies. That's missing the  point altogether.  It's a dangerous step that Israel has taken because now the IDF will be in much more danger than ever before.  Hamas will be keeping their eyes peeled to kidnap another soldier because Israel has shown that it can be blackmailed and is able to overturn the rulings of their court system not once but 1027 times. Total shame.

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