Saturday, July 28, 2012

Is it easy to cheat the Canadian Refugee Board? Nothing is more simple

O Canada
Gone are the morals and ethics of old;
The world has changed O sweet Canada.
Your new refugees and immigrants
don't think of you;
No ... not at all.
How long before the one way street
cracks and the crevice created;
swallows those who still try to
stand on guard for thee?

....This account describes the steps   that an Israeli man, his wife and two children followed to apply ( fraudulently ) for asylum in Canada. It is a continuation of a story which we published in November of 2011. See the following for Part 1 : As readers will see,   “Lying Our Way To Canada” is the beginning of an Israeli citizen’s confession of his family’s false refugee claim in Canada. Part 2 continues the confession.

This confession should remind Canadians of the extensive fraud that has occurred in Canada’s refugee system.

This is a very large problem for a number of reasons.
(1) Since 1989, over 700,000 people have filed refugee claims here.
(2) Canada has one of the highest refugee claim acceptance rates in the world.
(3) The impact of refugee claimants is enormous. Our Department of Citizenship and Immigration has not revealed the number of relatives that accepted refugees have sponsored, but that figure is probably the major percentage of Family Class immigrants who have come to Canada. Refugees and their sponsored family members probably comprise well over 2 million of the 5 million immigrants that Canada has taken in the past 20 years. For example, as we have pointed out before, one Somali man has brought 100 “family” members to Canada. Many well-publicized cases of fraud demonstrate the cheating that has occurred in Canada’s refugee system.........

I am writing from Tel Aviv in Israel. The major characters in the following story are me (Innocent Kwarteng—a fake name I used in Canada), my ex-wife, and my two oldest children. We are all Israeli citizens. My wife is an Ethiopian Falasha Jew who was brought to Israel under a project which allowed Ethiopian Jews to return to Israel as new Immigrants. I am not Jewish originally. I married my wife in 1996 in Israel and as a result, I received Israeli Citizenship. My two oldest children were born in Israel and they are Jewish, based upon the fact that their mother is Jewish.

On May 21, 2007, after I, my wife and two oldest children had traveled from Israel to Orlando, Florida for a family vacation at Disney World, we drove a rented car from Florida to Niagara Falls, Ontario to visit Israeli friends who lived in Toronto. At the time we entered Canada in 2007, I did not think that .........

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