Friday, July 27, 2012

Patriarch of Syrian Catholics on Radio Vatican

 Christian voices crying out from Syria,  but who the fuck cares.  Let the expendable Christians go to hell, aren't they the ones always preaching about life after death in Heaven?  So why are they bitching now, right?!!  Let's just focus on destroying the Assad regime, destroying Syria along with all those churches and synagogues that that blasted Assad decreed as heritage sites and worse still set aside a fund for their upkeep.  That's not good, not good at all.  He has to go.  "Off with his head" says the queen of witches from the mighty USA.

What's happening in Syria is like "Alice in Horrorland"  ....  even worse because Alice woke up from her nightmare,  the civilians of Syria will not.

... His Beatitude, Ignace Joseph III Younan,   Patriarch of Antioch of the Syriac Catholics, was in Rome this past week to share his concerns about the ongoing conflict which erupted in Syria almost a year ago.....
....Sean Patrick Lovett (SPL): Your Beatitude, for those of us who are following the situation in Syria, whether we are journalists or the public in general, we tend to be conditioned by what we see in the media and what we read in the media. You yourself have been through Homs. What have you seen? What have you experienced in your visits to Syria?
His Beatitude, Ignatius Ephrem Joseph III Yonan, Patriarch of Antioch of the Syriac Catholics (HB): As you said, Sean, I’ve been, last time in Syria, the 1st of February to February 3rd, and I took a ride from the northeast back to Beirut via north Lebanon. What I witnessed: That it was very, very tense situation, but in some parts, like Homs, it was the situation of conflict and of killing and fear among the citizens. Now regarding the media, I can tell you that we Christians– I don’t know if I express the feelings and the thoughts of all Christians – but since I have been following this situation, we feel that we have been deceived by the western nations. Deceived, not only disappointed. Deceived because we think that the West has forgotten the bulk of the situation in the Middle East. It’s not political, it’s not economical, it’s profoundly confessional, even religious. Because we were thinking that the West will uphold the civil rights for all. Civil rights, that means freedom of religion, of conscience, respecting others, or granting the same rights to all citizens, either from the minority or majority. But this was forgotten because they are thinking, and the media conglomerates are helping in that direction, that if the majority takes the power in those powers in the Middle East, that means that democracy will be reached or will be exercised. We think that democracy is not only because the majority of a population acts according to its convictions, or make decisions freely, but democracy has to respect first of all the basic rights of all.....

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