Saturday, July 28, 2012

UK takes Gold for the "The very worst Olympics games opening ceremonies ever"

There !!  I have said what most of you are thinking but being the politically correct goody two-shoes that you are,  you won't  acknowledge.

Ugh !!!!  What was that we spent more than an hour of our lives watching yesterday?  I have seen better fireworks on Canada Day from the window of my bedroom.... and no, I am not kidding.  And that industrial or rustic or what have you going on with different people doing some stuff with their hands ... what the hell was that?  I didn't know Olympic opening ceremonies had to have elaborate explanations as to what the eye is seeing to understand what's going on.   Sheesh !!!  Looks like the Brits were more concerned keeping at bay their lovable muzzies they have imported in their millions than focusing on putting up a good show for the world audience.   Shame.

Below is someone else who is also not politically correct .... thank the good Lord for that.

Anthony Wing Kosner writing at Forbes:
The firework display of the glowing rings   in the brief video above was thrilling and well-executed, but otherwise, this evening’s opening ceremony from the Olympics in London was positively cringe-inducing. I’m sure some of the less self-conscious performers were having a good time, but some must have wondered why they were there.
Unlike the awesome (and a bit terrifying) display of synchronized drumming and acrobatics from the Beijing games in 2008, that attempted to symbolize the entire Chinese industrial economy, there was no obvious talent or social organization in the London mob. The overwhelming feeling was of a desperate mediocrity. And it was boring.....

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