Saturday, July 28, 2012

The new Egypt increasingly intolerant of non-Sunni Muslims ....

if these people can't tolerate their own Muslim brothers of the Shia sect and accuse them of trying to convert others,  tell me what hope do the Coptic Christians have in the new Egypt???  

Bulaq al-Dakrour prosecution has started investigating  about 40 claims filed against four people for proselytizing the Shia faith in Nahya, Giza.

Prosecutor Ibrahim Khalaf summoned the suspects on Saturday, after listening to the claimants, and ordered that their statements be investigated.

Anti-Shia rhetoric is prevalent in Sunni-majority Egypt, especially among Islamist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafi movement, which are predominately Sunni.  

The prosecution received a number of complaints over the past two days from Nahya residents that several Shias were frequenting a mosque where they insulted and mocked the Prophet Mohamed and his companions in an attempt to spread the Shia faith.....

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