Saturday, July 21, 2012

Toronto's mayor is being knifed in the back by City Councillors

Every time Mayor Rob Ford utters some commonsense solution to the problems faced  by the city of  Toronto, problems which are largely due to  aggressive immigrants invading this city + constant crime of every sort from the  Muslim communities and the Black communities (largely the Jamaican segment of it,)  some blasted nitwit commie councillor shouts him down.  

Below you can read the deluge of crap falling out of  Councillor Adam Vaughan's mouth.  Instead of keeping a lid on his "politically correct" shit for a few minutes and thinking about how to get the black community off handouts and dependent on the nation, and making sure that people wishing to migrate to Canada do it the honest way, Councillor Vaughan prefers to criticize the mayor and make him look like the bad guy.  People like Councillor Vaughan are not only bent on destroying Toronto, they are hellbent on turning Canada into a commie nation.  

All this nitwit councillor wants is to ban guns, as do many on the city's council.  Idiots !!!   Think about this: If someone was carrying a gun when the killer in Colorado starting shooting,  how many lives would have been saved?  And, more importantly, would the killer himself be alive to waste millions of taxpayers' money in the months and years of legal blah blah blah that's going to happen?   

Mayor Rob Ford, please give up trying to appease and meet halfway with those who oppose you at the city council.  By appeasing them you are angering your voter base.  Stick to your guns (pun intended).

.....Ford himself was under fire Thursday for comments he made on radio station AM640 Wednesday vowing to speak to Prime Minister Stephen Harper to see if federal gun laws could be toughened and “to find out how our immigration laws work” to keep those convicted of a gun crime out of the city.

Asked what he wants to see done with immigration laws, Ford said in an interview Thursday that he wants to see if the city can kick out people convicted of a gun crime.

“Are they allowed to stay here? Anyone, I don’t care if you’re an immigrant or not, if you get caught with a gun, I want to find out the legalities of are you allowed to stay here or are you not,” Ford said
“I’m sure it falls under some sort of immigration law, maybe it doesn’t, but I’m going to find out through the prime minister what we can do.

The mayor stressed he’d rather see more police hired to combat gun violence than money going towards community grant programs.

“I want to see our taxes down so people will come here and create jobs, the best social program is a job,” Ford told reporters in Toronto’s east end. “I don’t believe in these programs - I call them hug-a-thug programs - they haven’t been very productive in the past and I don’t know why they are continuing with them.

“The kids need jobs, and you need businesses to come into the city and create the jobs, and right now our commercial taxes are too high.

Asked why he’s voted against funding for anti-gang programs and community grants, Ford dismissed the question and sounded off on the Global News reporter that asked it.

“No one helps youth more than I do, no one helps youth more than I do,” Ford said. “You know that and for you to ask that question is embarrassing. I put more of my time and my own money helping these kids more than anyone does.”

Councillor Adam Vaughan blasted Ford’s immigration comments. 
“Immigration is not the issue here,” Vaughan said. 
“His observations are not tied to fact or reality. These are Canadian born kids now. We created them and we have to solve the problem. It’s not about immigration.” 
Vaughan said Ford’s stance against grants could hurt the city when the mayor speaks with provincial and federal officials about combating gun violence. 
“So when the premier offers money for youth engagement he’s going to say ‘no’ because that’s what he has always said,” Vaughan said.....

Here's the link to the list  of city councillors if you want to contact them and let them know what you think.

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