Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Same old, same old mantra to invade Muslim countries

While reading Michael Weiss's  article at TheTelegraph, I kept getting a nagging feeling of deja vu.  You will soon see why if you read a few paragraphs.  The propaganda machine is throwing everything they can find or invent at the Assad regime.  They are even claiming that the country is breaking up into three segments .... and if at all it does comes true, it will be because of external influences and Saudi money making possible that  supply of sophisticated  weapons and even chemical weapons find their way to the numerous terrorists gangs, including Kurdish groups.  Let all these terrorist groups use their weapons, even chemical ones .... so what?!   The Western propaganda machine has been well-trained on what and on whom the blame should stick to. 

Assad could already be using chemical weapons  in Syria, say reports. Meanwhile, the country prepares to break up...

Yesterday’s rumours have a bad tendency of becoming tomorrow’s conventional wisdom. There are now credible concerns about President Assad using chemical weapons following US intelligence leaks to the Wall Street Journal that stockpiles are being moved. Nawaf Fares, the former Syrian ambassador to Iraq who defected last week, has indicated to the BBC’s Frank Gardner that the regime will stop at nothing to hang on to power, even if that means unleashing its own version of an Anfal campaign. Fares added that there are unconfirmed reports that such weapons have already been used in Homs. This doctor at a field hospital, for instance, suggested some months ago that some kind of neurological agent may have have featured in the siege of Baba Amr last February. Patients, he said, suffered from abnormal symptoms such as alopecia, cutaneous rash, muscle pain and memory loss, though of course there was no diagnostic equipment on hand to determine etiology..............

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