Saturday, July 14, 2012

Thwaiba Kanafani ... a traitor by any other name

A Canadian woman thinks that fighting alongside groups of murderous men against the Syrian regime, groups that include Al Qaeda and similar groups, is courageous.  She calls on others to join her and mouths something nice about Israel and the Jews.   And what happens ?   The Canadian media does not accuse her of being a traitor or any wrongdoing.  No.... not even the supposedly fair and balanced SunTV and not even Ezra Levant the supposedly clear headed no leaning right or left opinionator at SunTV.  Instead everybody and their uncle either  glorifies the woman or like in Levant's case, they call her "naive".

Hypocrisy is bad for the soul unless you have already sold yours to the devil. In my books, she is a traitor. 
Canada is not at war with Syria .... not yet anyway and I hope not ever unless the Harper govt. gives in to Obama or the USA's blackmail.

....“I came from Canada to  answer the call of my homeland,” Ms. Kanafani says in a YouTube video announcing her decision, posted on July 7 and translated from Arabic. “To enlist myself in the Syrian Free Army and join the Banner of Damascus Falcons Troop of Aleppo Martyrs, special missions. A message to the free ladies in Syria to immediately join the Free Army to work with our [defending] brothers and fight al-Assad militias.”...........

"I came from Canada to answer the call of my homeland,"  that sentence itself is where she betrays that she is not for Canada and never has been. Her home and homeland is still Syria. That makes her a traitor, plain and simple. Just supposedly, everything is "nice and sweet" in Syria without the Assad regime, the kind of "nice and sweet" that this woman wants it to be and that "nice and sweet" Syria decides to attack Canada in the near future.... whose side will this woman be willing to die for?    Not for Canada... that's a sure bet.

This woman is more like a groupie hanging around rock bands for the semen and HIV they might throw her way when she opens her legs or like the scum who fall in love with hard-core serial killers sitting in prison.

Ms Kanafani ... why don't you move bag, baggage and yourself to Syria and give up your Canadian citizenship?   Or has SUNTV or the diplomatic corps offered you an ambassadorship to Syria like Levant so foolishly suggested?

UGH !!!

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