Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Canadian woman partying with a rebel group in Syria gets one more admirer from SUN TV

Yesterday, Charles Adler and his  "Canadian Commonsense" left the reservation.

Few days ago it was Ezra Levant going all gaga over the same woman, who IMO has no right as a Canadian citizen  to go abroad and join rebel groups  in other countries.

What is it that these two men don't understand about what's going on in Syria ?

The rebel groups there are not just fighting for the regime's overthrow.  They are also doing a hell of a good job ethnic cleansing the country from Christians and Alawites.  When the dust settles, there will be thousands of less Christians and Alawites in Syria then there were before the conflict started.  Christians and Alawites are fleeing Syria (only those who have the means and stamina  and only those near the borders of Lebanon and Iraq  are making their way out of Syria hoping the Christian communities in those two countries will sheild them... not to Turkey's border because they know they will be slaughtered there too) and when the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda takes over Syria like they are doing in other countries,  the remaining non-Muslims or the moderate Muslims like the Alawites will cease to be part of the Syrian fabric.

Charles Adler and Ezra Levant by showing their admiration for the woman who has left her family in Canada and gone to her "homeland" to fight with the rebels against a regime that she should not have anything to do it now that she is a Canadian citizen (I presume she is ), have some sort of a secret agenda that being the simple person that I am and additionally a dodo, I fail to understand.

Simple people like me are going off  SUN TV because we cannot understand why some of their opinionators are  giving air time to "Canadians"  who have joined rebel groups in Syria.

The most ignorant part of Adler's interview with the woman is where he asks her if  her rebel group has been infiltrated by Al Qaeda or if she knows whether Al Qaeda groups are operating in Syria.  To that she  says she has heard something like that but she has not seen any evidence.  The vid of the interview is not available at the SUN TV website  at the point of this writing   but it might be up later on.  I also could not find the vid where Ezra Levant was gushing over the woman's sweet naivety in an interview with a regular guest on his show, Jonathan Halevi.

Below is proof aplenty that the rebel groups fighting the Syrian army are full of Al Qaeda ... you know Al Qaeda don't you?  Yup .... those killers that WE are able to camouflage as being either the enemy or our bosom friends depending on when and where we use them.

dated Feb 27 - Hillary Clinton admits US on same side as Al Qaeda in the fight against Assad  

dated July 24 ... US moves to arm Al Qaeda and rebel groups in Syria  (so what if the chemical weapons fall into infidel hating hands?  After the  Assad regime is done away with, Obama and Hillary will wave their magic wand over the rebel groups and they will yelp like puppies and purr like pussies.)

dated July 24 ....Al-Qaeda is responsible for at least 90 terror attacks in Syria, according to Germany's intelligence agency, BND.   
Citing government responses to a parliamentary inquiry, German daily Die Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) said Al-Qaeda operatives were well and truly in Syria. The revelations confirm Western fears that Al-Qaeda is taking advantage of the crisis, potentially undermining rebel efforts against the Syrian regime.
Syria's President Bashar al-Assad has frequently contended that his forces are fighting primarily an Islamist insurgency.
Berlin also admitted it had information on the May 25 Houla massacre, in which over 100 Syrians were slaughtered, including women and children.  But the German government refused to disclose details of the massacre to the parliamentary inquiry, stating that such information had to remain classified "by reason of national interest.".........

My guess is Charles Adler with his "Canadian Commensense" is more equipped to get the lowdown on Al Qaeda presence in Syria from a woman who has joined one of the rebel groups in Syria fighting alongside Al Qaeda.  Of course, of course.... or should I say "Off" course, "Off" course?

update:   Here's a vid  which is a preview of  Adler's show  informing of his interview with the woman.

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