Sunday, July 29, 2012

Collecting Rain water or Snow runoff is a crime in Oregon

 Better believe it !!  No matter how stupid it might sound, storing water in reservoirs on your own property is considered to be a crime in Oregon.  The government's favorite hobby is bullying the citizens.

Kendra Alleyne of CNS News writes:
.... A rural Oregon man  was sentenced Wednesday to 30 days in jail and over $1,500 in fines because he had three reservoirs on his property to collect and use rainwater.

Gary Harrington of Eagle Point, Ore., says he plans to appeal his conviction in Jackson County (Ore.) Circuit Court on nine misdemeanor charges under a 1925 law for having what state water managers called “three illegal reservoirs” on his property – and for filling the reservoirs with rainwater and snow runoff.....

....According to Oregon water laws, all water is publicly owned. Therefore, anyone who wants to store any type of water on their property must first obtain a permit from state water managers........

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