Monday, July 30, 2012

Amnesty International's horror-filled report on Libya

If you thought everything was coming up roses for  Libya now that Gadhafi and his regime are no more, think again.  The new regime there is incapable of  laying down the law  for the various rebel groups who are continuing with their torture, rape and murder.... the daily fare of any rebel group.

This is what they are capable of doing to innocent civilians suspected of alliance with the dictators they want to destroy on the orders of Saudi Arabia and the puppets of Saudi Arabia. Expect the same in Syria too and we will read about similar  atrocities there a year from now.  I am sure NATO countries who are responsible for the misery of the ordinary citizens of Libya are proud of their handiwork.  Lots more than the few pages I read and copied below.  Lots, lots more.

Amnesty Intl. Report  dated uly 2012

Page 5:
Two sisters aged 27 and 32 were stopped by a militia at a checkpoint in February 2012 and forced at gunpoint to a nearby farm. One was suspended from a door for hours, had boiling water poured over her head, and was beaten and stabbed while being accused of supporting the former government of Colonel Mu’ammar alGaddafi. The other was also suspended and beaten. The husband of one of them, who was detained at the same time, has disappeared.

This family is among the mounting toll of victims of an increasingly lawless Libya, where the transitional authorities have been unable or unwilling to rein in the hundreds of militias formed during and after the 2011 conflict that ended the rule of Colonel Mu’ammar alGaddafi. The militias are now threatening the very future of Libya and casting a shadow over landmark national elections scheduled for 7 July 2012.
They are killing people, making arbitrary arrests, torturing detainees and forcibly displacing and terrorizing entire communities, often solely for reasons of revenge. They are also recklessly using machineguns, mortars and other weaponry during tribal and territorial battles, killing and maiming bystanders. They act above the law, committing their crimes without fear of punishment.......

Page 6 and 7
......Detainees are particularly vulnerable to revenge beatings and vigilante-style “justice” when held by victims or relatives of victims of human rights violations perpetrated by al-Gaddafi forces or when held in cities where they allegedly committed the violations. The common practice of transferring detainees to such locations increases the risk of torture, and further undermines their right to fair trial.  
The most commonly reported methods of torture include suspension in contorted positions and prolonged beatings with various objects, including metal bars and chains, electric cables, wooden sticks, plastic hoses, water pipes (known locally as Tube PPR) and rifle butts. 

Some detainees also said they were given electric shocks, burned with cigarettes and had hot metal applied to their flesh. Since late August 2011, when al-Gaddafi forces lost control of the capital and most of the country, Amnesty International has gathered detailed information about at least 20 people who died in custody after they were tortured or shot in detention  by armed militias. The latest victim, whose case was documented by Amnesty International, was taken to a morgue on 6 June. Amnesty International has also received credible information about other cases......

Page 8
The authorities have also failed to resolve the situation of entire communities displaced during the conflict and unable to return to their homes, which were looted and burned by armed militias seeking revenge. Entire towns and villages were deliberately rendered uninhabitable by the militias, which accused the displaced communities of supporting the toppled government and of committing crimes on its behalf. The entire population of the city of Tawargha, estimated at 30,000, was driven out by Misratah militias and remains scattered across Libya, including in poorly resourced camps in Tripoli and Benghaz....


  1. Surprising that Amnesty Int'l isn't railing against Israel. Gotta be some angle they can use to work it into the report.

  2. LOL ! Just you wait, they must be taking a breather. Report II will probably be titled "How Israel created havoc in Libya"


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