Sunday, July 29, 2012

The IOC should be sacked .... it's bias is vomit-inducing

Shame on each and every member of  the Olympics committee.  Despicable lot, the very lowest  of the earth and these are the people who are the overseers of  an event which is supposed to bring all peoples of the world under one roof???   I strongly feel an enquiry into the bias of the IOC should be called for immediately.  

Tunisian swimmer, Taqi Murabit, refused to swim     in the same pool due to the participation of an Israeli swimmer.

Did the disgusting IOC ban him from the games like they did  Greek athlete Paraskevi Papachristou   for her tweet that they considered to be so horrific the world would come to an end if her feet touched the stadium grounds?  

And what about this: The Lebanese judo team    forced International Olympic Committee officials to erect a barrier between themselves and the Israeli judo squad, Friday afternoon in London, just hours before the Games’ opening ceremony, reports Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot.
Both teams were scheduled to train inside London’s ExCeL center but Lebanon’s team did not want to be seen by the Israeli one, and IOC officials heeded the Lebanese demand after the team’s coach demanded separation.....

Why wasn't the Lebanese judo team sent packing back to Lebanon?????

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