Sunday, July 22, 2012

"Story" about Syrian rebels "attacking" Turkish trucks laden with food and medicines

Yup, we believe you dear media misinformation agents.

If this whole story seem to be out of whack, then it probably is.  Learn to trust your instincts.   My instincts tell me that the 30 trucks did not have food or medicines as reported, but weapons for the rebels and  they were supposed to "attack"   the trucks to take delivery.  That way,  no one will know or  blame Turkey or Saudi Arabia or the USA for supplying weaponry to the rebel groups.

Dear propagandists and misinformation agents ... give up trying to fool us.  Sheesh !!!   Do you really think we are that stupid to be taken in by your outright lies ?  We know that the rebels know that Turkey is their friend.

Expect more intense fighting from the rebel groups now that they have 30 trucks worth of more weaponry.

 .....Turkey closes Syrian border  crossing after rebels plunder 30 trucks carrying food, medicine. 
After Syrian rebels allegedly robbed 30 trucks carrying goods from Turkey into Syria, Turkish officials announced the closure Saturday of a Syrian-Turkish border crossing.
The crossing at Cilvegozu would be shuttered in response to the attack, said Celalettin Lekesiz, governor of the Turkish state of Hatay. He said it was unclear when the crossing would reopen.
Nine trucks were set on fire in the attack. Food and medicine were stolen from other trucks, the drivers of which had been waiting days at the crossing.
Syria's rebels have been making advances in recent days, taking control of multiple border crossings between Syria and Iraq, Turkey and Jordan.........

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