Saturday, July 7, 2012

Beggars in the streets and subway platforms of Ontario

Jason Kenney has a lot to answer to.  How did these people get into the country?  What new criteria or lack of it  is letting in beggars to Canada??  Joe Warmington of the TorontoSun has a chilling story and a pic of the begging couple with baby in tow  to make you wonder what really is happening at the Ministry of Immigration and what in God's name is going on with the refugee situation.  In the past few months alone,  a person like moi who rarely uses the public transport, has seen, on two separate occasions, Muslim  women  beggars at subway platforms.  One was with her little child at the Yonge St/Sheppard subway and the other was squatting at Bloor/Dundas inside of the entrance leading to the platform.   One other time I saw two Muslim women in niqab begging in one of the parking lots of a mall in North York.   

Also, of late there have been an increase in crimes committed by Tamils in Toronto and I am willing to go out on a limb here and state that these criminals must be from the refugee lot that arrived in Vancouver and then were let loose in Toronto.

Thank you Minister Jason Kenney.

MISSISSAUGA - The scorching 35C temperature Wednesday felt more like 41C and these so-called parents were panhandling with an infant child used as bait.

I have seen a lot of things in my quarter century as a reporter, but I had not before seen that.
And yet in the parking lot at the corner of Eglinton Ave. and Winston Churchill Blvd., behind the Beer Store, TD Bank and McDonalds and across from the RONA, was a couple with a baby and a sign which read: “Please help: Me have three kids, No job. no money for food. God Bless.”


It’s probably a safe bet these people will not be winning any parenting of the year awards — if they are indeed the child’s parents at all.

Whoever they were, they clasped their hands  together as if to pray as they begged to cars passing by. It was a pathetic sight. But it worked. Many stopped and donated.

One look at the poor child, looking like an overheated rag doll in the stroller, and it’s understandable why people would try to do whatever they could do to help..........

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