Friday, July 27, 2012

Toronto Mayor ruffles easily shred feathers of his distractors

Mayor Rob Ford standing in a photo with an alleged neo-Nazi musician, with the musician in what I presume is some kind of a Nazi uniform, makes for a gasp of  "What??!!!"  when you see the pic.   However, when commonsense comes to the rescue you just salute the troublemaker Warren Kinsella and those of his ilk and ignore the whole political play for what it is,   just politics as usual.

Now, let me tell you from personal experiences what these photo shoots are like.  I and my family members have been to more than one of these gatherings where the Mayor's office either hosted the events or the events were hosted by well-wishers of the Mayor.

What happens at these events is that people who want to be photographed with the mayor (don't look to me for pyschoanalysis)  will stand in long queues to get to him for the photograph.  Now tell me this.  Is the mayor or the organizers of the events supposed to know and see clearly (given that the camera flashes are going off  in all directions and almost blinding everybody in the vicinity)  the person who has come to his side for the photo is a neo-Nazi and the suit he is wearing is a kind of uniform and that that uniform looks like  a Nazi uniform?  Madness ... but then only outer world "aliens are here" kind of  statements get dropped from the mouths of those who  hate  Mayor Rob Ford with a vengence.  Warren Kinsella is just one of them.  And why not?  His buddy lost the mayorial election to Rob Ford.  HAHAHAHAH.   I sympathize,  I do, I do !!!

Look, I am not saying Mayor Ford is a saint or an intellectual genius.   He is quite the doofoos in many areas where we expect our supposedly "betters" to be more knowledgeable than poor ignorant us.  His comments on how to solve the gun crime in Toronto made me cringe,  more so because I realized that moi being just a first generation immigrant, besides being a dodo,  knew much more about immigration policies than my Mayor did.  Eyeopener !!

Mayor Ford has his faults, but he is definitely not a racist as is implied.  Moreover,  his heart is in the right place.  He has done and continues to do a hell of a lot for the betterment of the black youth of this city.

Shame on his distractors, blasted nest of commies with nothing better to do !!


  1. Doesn't a Nazi uniform usually have the swastika insignia? I wouldn't recognize this uniform as being Nazi.

  2. Many comments at the TorontoSun article seem to indicate that the uniform is not a Nazi one. However, when something like this gets into the dirty paws of the Left, they come out in their droves to malign and pour forth their hatred in any and every forum that they can find. There's one commentor there "ArnieGeddon" who is having a field day refuting anybody who tries to defend the Mayor and has been there from the minute the article was posted.
    Lefties don't have a life.


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