Saturday, July 28, 2012

Is it Springtime for the House of Saud ...

and will Obama and Hillary encourage the citizens of Saudi Arabia to rise up and discard their shackles by overthrowing the spreaders of Wahhabism?  They shouted from the highest rooftops calling on the citizens of  Egypt, Libya and Syria to rid themselves from the shackles of their dictators but will they do the same for the worst country on earth with the most demonic dictators?   The hypocrisy from the USA and specifically from the White House is the kind never before seen. 

...Saudi protesters were detained   in the area of Qatif, the official Saudi Press Agency reported Friday, the latest turn in a simmering protest movement on the eastern edge of the kingdom.

Qatif has been the scene of clashes between police and Shiite Muslim protesters. Saudi Arabia accuses Shiite-led Iran of instigating the unrest in the city; protesters say they are agitating to free political prisoners and abolish discrimination against Shiites, who are minorities in the Sunni-dominated kingdom.

State media said the protesters were instigating riots and were detained Friday for setting tires on fire. Witnesses told Agence France-Presse that security forces had opened fire on the protesters, wounding several. The Saudi Press Agency reported that there were no casualties.....

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