Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Parts of Syria now firmly in Kurdish hands ...

as Assad's army abandon the Kurdish  areas to defend important  cities elsewhere.   Syria is being broken up ... into how many pieces, only time will tell. The Kurds themselves seem to signify that they are just keepers of the lands they have under their control now until the "elections" when they will elect their own Kurdish leader for their own areas.  According to the Kurds, they have reclaimed what was theirs all along.

This report comes from a link at the SyriaComment  blog.    
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region -- Syrian governmental forces    have retreated from the Kurdish regions of Syria without a fight; the liberated cities are now being ruled evenly by the People's Council of Syrian Kurdistan (PYD) and the Kurdish National Council (KNC).

According to the information obtained by Rudaw, the Kurdish cities of Kobane, Derek, Amoude, Efrin and Sari Kani have fallen under the control of Syrian Kurdish forces.

The city of Kobane was the first Kurdish city to be liberated last Thursday, 17 months after the revolution against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad began. 
The KNC and PYD agreed to jointly control the liberated Kurdish cities in a deal made in Erbil on July 11, under the supervision of Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani.
"According to the treaty of Erbil which was signed by the KNC and PYD, any administrative vacuum in the Kurdish cities of Syria will be occupied evenly -- 50/50 -- by these two signatories. These two groups will continue ruling the Kurdish regions until an election is carried out," said Nuri Brimo, a spokesperson of the Democratic Kurdish Party of Syria...........

....About three million Syrian Kurds are concentrated on a stretch of territory from the area northwest of Aleppo along the border with Turkey all the way to Iraq. In a way, the Turkish-Syrian border is the Turkish-Kurdish border.

Who are these Kurds that took over these towns?
On the surface, it is the Syrian Kurdish National Council and the West Kurdistan Popular Assembly that announced their decision to act together in the Supreme Kurdish Council. You will remember that this decision was announced on July 12 in a meeting held in Erbil under the patronage of Massoud Barzani.......

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