Saturday, July 28, 2012

Canada's lovable hypenated hypocritical leeches

Below is Google's translation from an article at the Saudi mouthpiece Al Arabiya ... don't forget to check out the fab pic at the link.  Somebody looks mighty tough with an AK47 kind of mean looking gun in her hands.  What was it she told Charles Adler?  "I do first aid and like that."  Oh yeah?!!  

She said the Syrian Thuwaiba Kanafani, she left Canada  and returned to her country to join the Syrian army free, in order to express solidarity and moral support of the revolutionaries against the regime in her country. said Kanafani carrying Canadian citizenship, they followed what was happening in her country since the beginning of the revolution, and they decided to get off to Turkey during the last period for the situation closely and try to understand the complexities of the revolution that led to the late victory, which is paid to join the Syrian army free after knowing the situation on the ground and know many of the battalions combat. confirmed Kanafani that owns the engineering company local in Canada She is married and mother of two children, they received protection and welcomed by the extreme elements of the army free, noting that he had owned a strange feeling to overcome to enter Syria through the barbed wire after her absence from the country visited by the formal way in 2007.....

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