Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lots of human chunks courtesy the Religion of Pieces ....

as the tally from July 6 - 10 shows.   Nigeria continues killing Christians while the infidels' governments in North America and elsewhere makes sure that the coffers of the Nigerian government are kept to the brim with funds obtained by taxing us infidels.  Afghanistan is happy with the 16 Billion Dollars aid that the OneWorldGovt has provided it and is showing how those dollars are working on behalf of  us stupid taxpayers, a large majority of whom are forced by our governments against our will to fund the worst governments around the world.   
Afghanistan is taking the infidels of the world on one groovy ride.   Let's just sit back and enjoy the sights, we have paid for the tour anyways.

2012.07.10 Iraq Baghdad Sunnis bomb a bus carrying Shiites, killing three and injuring fourteen.
2012.07.09 Afghanistan Kandahar  Two children are among five people pulled into pieces by three Shahid suicide bombers.
2012.07.09 India Gaziabad A Hindu man is the victim of a targeted killing by Muslims.
2012.07.08 Pakistan  Kot Ghulam A Christian laborer is pulled out of his truck and shot point-blank by a Muslim.
2012.07.08 Nigeria Barkin-Ladi Two politicians are among twenty-three Christians, including women and children, slaughtered by Muslims during a funeral for other victims of Islamic terror.
2012.07.08 Afghanistan Arghistan  Eighteen civilians, including women and children, are torn to shreds by Taliban bombers.
2012.07.07 Afghanistan Chora Three children are among six civilians blown to bits by Sunni hardliners.
2012.07.07 Iraq Ramadi   A suicide bomber detonates in the house of a family member, killing ten relatives, most of whom were women.
2012.07.07 Nigeria Kushen  Muslim terrorists attack thirteen Christian villages and massacre eighty innocents.
2012.07.07 Afghanistan Gereshk  A child is dismantled by a Taliban bomb.
2012.07.07 Somalia Shabelle al-Shabaab militants open fire on a passenger bus, killing at least four.
2012.07.06 Iraq Hit Terrorists kill three policemen outside a mosque.
2012.07.06 Iraq Anbar An entire family of four, including two children, bleed to death following a suicide attack on their home.

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