Sunday, July 22, 2012

HAHAHAHAH from the Saudi Gazette

The only way we can show our utter disgust at this hell on earth is by ridiculing it to hell.  Saudi Arabia and their puppet nations are still living in the caveman era,  even those capital letters after their names obtained from the heavily Saudi-bribed  "once were pillars of  education" institutions in  both the USA and UK  have done nothing to pull them from their caves into our century.   

Go hire some more PR firms. Won't do you any good.  Actions speak louder than words and we all know the kind of actions that go on in the Wahhabi country and the countries under the House of Saud.  

.....In the blink of an eye, OPEC could dramatically increase the price of oil and bring Americans to their economic knees, and use that to force Americans to embrace justice and reconsider their hypocritical support of Israel’s oppressive policies.

And what does Saudi Arabia get for its support of America? In truth, Americans, overall, have a negative view of the Saudi people and government. Saudi Arabia is constantly vilified in the mainstream American news media, on television, in movies and in American literature. It’s really a strange relationship. But while Americans are hypocrites and two-faced about Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom is genuine in wanting to support the US.

Yet Saudi Arabia could do far more. It could help change how Americans view the Arab world. Through a sophisticated and strategic communications campaign, the Kingdom could target US congressional districts where notorious Arab-haters pillory Arab rights and justice for the Palestinians and promote anti-Muslim stereotypes and hatred.......

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