Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Much more blood and gore from the Religion of Pieces

Siesta time is over. The major players in the  Kill Mohammads contest are back in the fiesta of  killing and goring.   July 15-20 tally.  

2012.07.20 Afghanistan Sarab All five Afghans riding in a car are blown to bits by fundamentalist bombers.
2012.07.20 Pakistan Shalozan Islamic militants fire a rocket into a populated area, killing a 16-year-old girl and injuring her brother.
2012.07.20 Iraq Kadhimiya Two brothers are shot to death by 'insurgents'.
2012.07.20 India Jayapur Four Hindu youth are hacked to death by a Muslim mob.
2012.07.20 India   Kupwara Muslim terrorists murder a local soldier.
2012.07.19 Yemen Aden A local official is killed by an Ansar al-Sharia car bomb.
2012.07.19 Thailand Pattani Muslim 'separatists' pursue 43-year-old man and shoot him.
2012.07.19 Afghanistan  Faryab A woman and child are among eight civilians ripped to pieces by a Taliban bomb.
2012.07.19 Egypt  Sheikh Zweid Bearded Islamists in robes machine-gun two local soldiers along a city street at point blank range.
2012.07.19 Russia Kazan Two advocates of peaceful Islam are targeted by radicals. One is shot to death and the other injured in a car bomb.
2012.07.19 Thailand Pattani Muslim terrorists shoot a 25-year-old man to death.
2012.07.19 Pakistan Karachi   Sipah-e-Sahab terrorists gun down a 50-year-old Shiite.
2012.07.19 Nigeria Maiduguri  Two traders at a market are murdered in cold blood by Boko Haram gunmen.
2012.07.19 Pakistan Karachi   A 52-year-old leader of the Ahamdi minority is shot in the head by defenders of mainstream Islam.
2012.07.19 Yemen Bayda A security officer is picked off by two al-Qaeda gunmen.
2012.07.19 Pakistan Bajaur Three people are kidnapped, tortured and executed by Islamic radicals.
2012.07.19 Thailand Yala        Two bombings by Islamic 'separatists' leave one person dead.
2012.07.18 Bulgaria Burgas A Shahid suicide bomber detonates on a bus carrying Israeli tourists, killing seven and injuring dozens more.
2012.07.18 Pakistan Spai Eight members of one family, including women and young children, are disassembled along with six others by a bus bomb attack on Shia pilgrims deemed 'enemies of Islam.'
2012.07.18 Somalia Damascus A suicide bomber kills two officials.
2012.07.18 Pal. Auth. al-Shati A 17-year-old girl is strangled by her father and brother over a moral issue.
2012.07.18 Lebanon Tripoli Sunni snipers fire into an Alawite neighborhood, taking out a child.
2012.07.18 Pakistan Jahanian Two teen lovers are tortured and shot for having eloped without the permission of the girl's conservative family.
2012.07.18 Iraq Mosul A woman and her son sitting in their house are among eleven people murdered by terrorists.
2012.07.18 India Kerala Campus Islamists stab three Hindu students, one of whom bleeds to death.
2012.07.17 Nigeria Jos A 10-year-old boy dies from splinter injuries from a Boko Haram RPG attack on his home.
2012.07.17 Pakistan Karachi The Taliban are suspected of firing on a polio vaccination team trying to treat children.
2012.07.17 Afghanistan Washer  Sunni radicals stage an ambush that leaves nine Afghans dead.
2012.07.17 Thailand Narathiwat Islamic militants open up on a group of local soldiers, killing a bystander as well.
2012.07.16 Somalia Mogadishu Proponents of Sharia detonate a bomb under a car that decapitates the driver and leaves six others dead.
2012.07.16 Pakistan Bannu Taliban in burquas shoot three guards to death at a police station.
2012.07.16 Kenya Lagdera         A local cop dies during an al-Shabaab ambush.
2012.07.16 Iraq Mosul 'Insurgents' kill two local cops with a bomb.
2012.07.16 Afghanistan Spin Boldak Three civilians are taken down by Taliban bombers.
2012.07.16 Pakistan Sultanabad A prayer leader is shot to death by rivals.
2012.07.16 Afghanistan Khan Abad An innocent person is killed when Islamic extremists blow up a car.
2012.07.16 Yemen Taez 5-year-old girl and her father are among four people gunned down in a brutal attack.

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