Monday, August 29, 2011

Muslims in Toronto waving Hezbollah flags and our law enforcement officers ....

have not been briefed that Canada has designated Hezbollah  a terrorist organization and that means you are breaking Canada's laws if you are a supporter of Hezbollah.

When will the OPP issue a warrant for the arrest of the woman seen in this video and for the others not caught on camera but present yesterday at Queen's Park also with Hezbollah flags, openly showing their support for a terrorist organization?

The OPP and other supposedly "citizen protectors and protectors of public property"  personnel like the guards at Queen's Park, have submitted to sharia laws and are on their knees licking the butts of one community, and one community alone. The rights of other citizens are trampled beneath their feet.

Cry for Canada and pray for her too, because we are headed towards the kind of situation the UK finds itself in now. By all appearances, and because the new majority Conservative govt is almost as bad as the Liberals were, we will be reaching that point of no return much sooner than was envisioned.  I give Canada less than a decade now.


  1. Harper needs to get up and reaffirm that we have the balls to stop appeasement as he has done in past months. I have not heard much lately from our government lately and it's important that he keep his courageous momentum.

    Maria I fear the 10-year prediction in the article as regards Canada is unfortunately the most likely scenario as seen from here and now.

    The centrists outnumber the radical leftists, it's just that the leftists yell louder. We need to work on projecting our voices encouraging reason lest the BS become so entrenched in the zeitgeist we will see changes rivaling the changes eased in relentlessly by the Nazis. It happens fast.

    Eric Metaxas' "Bonhoeffer" gives us some idea of how insidiously things can go (also on - excellent book!)

  2. POTB ... thanks re.tip "Bonhoeffer". Added to my reading list now.


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