Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nooooooooo !!! Blacks are not racist !!!!!!!! Anybody who says they are, are racists !!!

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One man was stomped to death and another man nearly killed in a racist amusement called the "knock-out game," currently being played by black teenagers. The victims were both white, and that fact needs to be raised in our national conversation about race.

PC disclaimer: only a tiny fraction of blacks play this game, and the vast majority of blacks do not condone violence of any kind. With that established, consider the facts:

Half-brothers Elliott T. Murphy, 18, and Deonta "Fuss" Johnson, 16, were recently convicted of first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder in the heinous stomping death of 61-year-old Jerry Newingham and the stomping attack of 46-year-old Kevin S. Wilson. The two convicted were part of a group of 9 blacks. Their two victims were white. The brutal murder took place in Decatur, IL, a place commonly known as "a classic Midwest USA small city." They group was playing the "knock-out game."

The game is as cruel and ignorant as it sounds. The only rule is to pick a victim and try to knock them out. The group of black teens in Decatur discussed playing the game, before going out and finding a random victim for their unprovoked attack. They called it the "point 'em out, knock 'em out" game.

After being let out of school, the teens began their fun. They "randomly" selected a white person to play along. The teens punched, kicked, and then jumped on and stomped their first victim, Mr. Newingham. He never regained consciousness after being mauled by the feral teens.

Seventy minutes later, the group beat up Kevin Wilson, who also just happened to be white. One witness said he saw Murphy jump on Wilson's head -- jumping with both feet. That witness said that Wilson was not even moving during and after the attack. Another witness, a 14-year-old girl, told a detective, "They were jumping on him like he was a trampoline, basically."......

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