Wednesday, August 17, 2011

That's Quebec for you .... even the mayors there are totally out of sync with the rest of Canada

Tell me again, why are we letting this Province keep blackmailing the rest of Canada. If there is a referendum tomorrow, the majority of us will vote for them to kindly say their goodbyes and dust our palms with a loud "good riddance".

Some people might laugh at what this mayor has done. However, it's not a joke, this is harassment and hate of the most vicious kind.

A 20-ton boulder, dumped by a small-town Quebec mayor in front of his ex-wife's house, has been removed.

A provincial police spokeswoman says the boulder was removed overnight by Dany Lariviere, who is the mayor of St-Theodore-d'Acton.

The giant boulder was adorned with a pink bow and spray-painted with the words, "Happy Birthday."

The mayor joked that his ex-wife had always wanted a big rock — so he finally gave her one as a birthday gift.....

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