Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sarah Palin on Hannity ....Aug 12

Part II

More at FoxNews. here.

Good luck to anyone who thinks Rick Perry will beat Palin. I am waiting with anticipated glee  to read about all the skeletons coming out from his cupboard.... yup !!!   Did he manage to keep his snake in his pants and only for his wife  all the time and every time ?  Did he say all the right things at the right time all the time? 

Gonna be scary ......ooooooooooooh !!!!     ***brrrrr shiver shiver brrrrr ****  


  1. I've got $50 that says Palin isn't the Republican Presidential nominee. Perry has a better fundraising organization behind him, represents a state that will pull in 100 times more votes than Alaska, and doesn't have the baggage of being considered "stupid" by 3/4 of the US.

    With Perry in, Palin can't even count on 100% of the Tea Party faction support, and who do you think is going to be more palatable to mainstream Republicans?

    My guess is a Perry/Bachman ticket, but my hope is that Perry puts Allan West on the ticket with him. Mind you, early days; who knows what will happen between now and next year?

  2. I agree with the Allen West part of your comment. He should play a big part in the new administration ... that's a given.

    Other than that ... I am taking you on your $50 bet. I say Perry will not beat Palin.

    The candidate I fear the most... the one that might defeat Palin, is not Perry but Ron Paul. Early days yet, let's wait and see.


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