Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Canadian dumbos converting to cavemen ideology

In the first vid, it seems this dumb female converted when she was a teen. She had gone to a mosque with a friend (probably after watching the Khadr-loving-CBC's propaganda  "Mosque on the Prairie"). There she met an imam and he converted her to islam on the same day.

Why would Canada turn a blind eye to this highly questionable activity?  I feel this is a crime that the muslims are committing in Canada by which they find  gullible females (no dearth of such dumb idiots) to convert to their religion and marry their muslim men. Something is rotten in Canada.... big time. We need a new law to be introduced so this sort of activity is investigated and charges brought against the mosques wherein such conversions take place.

Here's another vid of yet another Canadian teenager converted to islam.

I guess they don't know about this:

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