Monday, August 8, 2011

Evil intentions via glibness of tongue

Many people have learnt that several ticket holders, who had paid their way to listen to Dr. Tariq Ramadan at the Hyatt in Dallas on July 27, were expelled from the conference room. In spite of that, some spectators managed to record Tariq Ramadan’s speech and made it available on YouTube.

Tariq Ramadan is not a crazy coot like the nut Choudhary from the UK. Ramadan has a huge following, even amongst the elite in Muslim society and is one of the biggest generators of funds for islamic advancement in the USA. He really and truly believes, and mind you, with reason and proof, that America is ripe for indepth "understanding of islam" as are many other non-muslim countries. His way is to bring an awareness of islam and an awareness of the purity of islam in an "Americanized" way. According to him one will have to be proficient in the English language and "our muslim sisters" are doing a good job of that and educating "our muslim daughters and sisters" is what's needed in the fight for bringing a change of attitude of the American thinking towards islam. He blames the Tea Party (what else is new?) for the new poll, which according to him, shows that 73% of Americans think that muslims in the USA want to impose their sharia laws on them.

He rams home his belief that muslims' migration to the USA or to the other western countries is NOT to be colonized by those countries they have migrated to, but to COLONIZE the countries they have migrated to. Nice, eh?!

He wants muslim women not to give in to the pressure of discarding their burqas.

This man is more dangerous than anyone I have listened to in a long, long time. Dangerous, because he knows exactly how to moderate, twist and blend his intentions in a way that makes him look and sound intelligent and at the same time harmlessly religious. Dangerous combination.

If you want to listen to his speeches go here and take your pick.

h/t: Pam

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