Wednesday, August 10, 2011

London riots and the cognitive dissonance of the Left

The Left, not only in the UK but everywhere else as well has lost it. It's politicians like Harriet Harman who give in to blackmail from minorities and who are now seeing their countries taken over by the invaders they have coddled .... only for the votes they get from these gullible people. These politicians on the Left as well as most do-gooders, if one was to strap them to a lie-detector machine, out would come the "real" truth that  they think blacks and other minorities are not as smart or as capable as white folk and so they need tonnes of help and should receive their  neverending dole ... because the poor dears cannot find jobs like white folks are able to do and moreover the sweet puppies are not able to think like white folks.  So ... there, there, little ones .... we know how to feed you, change your nappies and sing you a lullaby and keep you chained to your doghouse. 

The Left, total hypocrites all.

Neil O'Brien:    ....Harriet is someone clearly able to handle a high level of cognitive dissonance. Someone who says “the government must insist on transparency” – but tried to to exempt MPs’ expenses from the Freedom of Information Act. A pro-comp class warrior who sends all her kids to posh selective schools miles from home. Someone who attacks internships and the power of connections, but then gets her mate to wangle an internship for her son. As Alan Partridge pointed out: you can’t mess about when it comes to your own kids

But even I was surprised by her decision to try and blame the recent looting (AKA the “free shopping” craze) on… the reform of the Education Maintenance Allowance and on the increase in tuition fees. No, really.

In Orwell’s novel 1984, “Doublethink” is:

The power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them….To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them.

I was reminded of it watching Harman. Trying to score political points, while denying trying to score political points. Saying there could be no excuses for the looting, while making excuses for it......

Melanie Phillips: ....The parents are the problem; as are, almost certainly, their parents and their parents too. Not that any of them necessarily even know who their parents, in the plural, are. For the single most crucial factor behind all this mayhem, behind the total breakdown of any control or self-control amongst the rampaging gangs of children and teenagers who are rioting, burning, robbing, stealing, attacking and murdering, is the willed removal of the most important thing that socialises children and turns them from feral savages into civilised citizens: a fully committed, hands-on, there-every-day father.

As I have been writing for more than twenty years, a society that embraces mass fatherlessness is a society that is going off the edge of a cliff. There are whole areas of Britain (white as well as black) where committed fathers are a wholly unknown phenomenon; where serial generations are being brought up only by mothers, through whose houses pass transitory males by whom these girls and women have yet more children, and whose own daughters inevitably repeat the pattern of lone and utterly dysfunctional parenting...........

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