Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Black rioters will be responsible for the ensuing communal violence ...

about to explode in UK.  It's bound to happen.  No matter what we think of radical muslims and how much we might criticize and damn the muslim community for their ideology, they are definitely not looters and thieves. Most of them work hard for their money and  live within their means. You won't see them driving flashy cars or donning stolen glad rags. 

Three young muslim men standing guard at their mosque were mowed down by a car driven by suspected looters last night. Recipe for disaster. UK is reaping the fruit of their failed immigration policies.

I hope Canada's Immigration Dept. overlords are looking at what's happening in Britian and taking it as a warning.  I am sure there were many in the UK too warning their Immigration Dept just like many of us over here are doing, and it all fell on deaf ears.   The common and ordinary folks know more than the politicians... every time.

Community leaders in Birmingham are working all-out to calm intense anger in the city's British Asian community over the deaths of three young men who were rammed by a carload of suspected looters.

West Midlands police arrested a man near the scene and recovered a vehicle, which forensics experts are examining. They later launched a murder inquiry.

Groups of residents in Winson Green, the inner-city area where the men were killed as they tried to protect local businesses in the early hours of Wednesday, openly warned of inter-communal violence if the murder inquiry fails to produce rapid results.

Their anger was passed on by the local Labour MP for Ladywood, Shabana Mahmood, and the Bishop of Aston, Rt Rev Anthony Watson, who joined a meeting at Dudley Road mosque, which locals claimed was on looters' hitlist of targets where money might be found. The victims, brothers Shazad Ali and Abdul Mussavir, 32 and 30, and Haroon Jahan, 21, were among some 80 young men who turned out after a gang tried to ransack the nearby Jet petrol station on Monday night.....

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  1. Only problem is that a fair number of the 'rioters' are white and from 'good' families.


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