Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pakistan, the failed nation, sucking up to China by giving away USA's secrets

You can always trust Pakistan to do the lowest of the low. I am not surprised with this news item. They must have already either sold or bartered many other USA and NATO secrets to the highest bidders. How foolish of the USA and NATO not to bomb Pakistan in the first place?  The whole world knows that they gave harbor to the Taliban at the start of the war and fed them with weapons and intelligence to continue with their mayhem against NATO.  Everybody knows it, and yet the USA keeps throwing away billions of dollars at this nation.  Defies logic !!!

How extremely stupid of the USA not to transport the crashed helicopter back to their country. All that money given to Pakistan to keep it "friendly" so why did the "friendly" nation opt to keep the downed helicopter for themselves?  To sell the technology to China, of course.  And, the USA should have known that.   Are the honchos at CIA, FBI and all the spooks agencies down south hired via affirmative action ?  Are they really that dumb? 

Pakistan gave China access to the previously unknown U.S. "stealth" helicopter that crashed during the commando raid that killed Osama bin Laden in May despite explicit requests from the CIA not to, the Financial Times reported on Sunday.

The disclosure, if confirmed, is likely to further shake the U.S.-Pakistan relationship, which has been improving slightly after hitting its lowest point in decades following the killing of bin Laden.

During the raid, one of two modified Blackhawk helicopters, believed to employ unknown stealth capability, malfunctioned and crashed, forcing the commandos to abandon it.....

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