Sunday, August 7, 2011

Daniel Pipes on why Chris Christie will never be Prez

Dr.Pipes also mentions Andrew McCarthy's piece at the NationalReview (see my post below) which details why Christie's  nomination of Sohail Mohammed to judgeship on the State Supreme Court is showing his utter lack of understanding of the ideology of islam. The worrying thing is that there are a multitude of such politicians both down south and over here in Canada who shoot off their mouths without knowing anything about islam, islamists or muslims. They base their opinions on a few muslims that they pally with on a social basis, most of whom are wearing their taqiyyah masks anyway, which allows them to drink and eat infidel food to trick the infidel ... all allowed and encouraged in islam. What a buffoon Christie turned out to be, eh?! 
....1) These are fighting words against fellow conservatives that will not soon be forgotten: "this Sharia law business is crap. It's just crazy. And I'm tired of dealing with the crazies."

(2) Calling critics of Mohammed "crazies" who are "accusing this guy of things just because of his religious background" reveals Christie to be a headstrong ignoramus; the IPT report on Mohammed is not about religious background but political activities.

(3) Contrarily, Christie won the hearty endorsement today of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, whose New Jersey branch issued a statement thanking him, applauding him, and urging a note of gratitude be sent him via the "Contact Us" page at the governor's website.

(4) Not a bad idea to contact Christie: if you live in New Jersey and wish to register your displeasure, go to

(5) Although still a small issue, Shari'a has grown very fast since 9/11 as a concern to Americans and should continue to do so for many years and decades to come.

(6) Conceivably, Christie could apologize for these remarks and undo much of the damage he's done himself. But, given his public persona, I doubt this will happen.

(7) Therefore, I predict that Christie's unremitting Grover Norquist-like friendly attitude toward Islamists will turn conservatives against him and sink his possible candidacy of his for higher office. (August 5, 2011)...............

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