Wednesday, August 24, 2011

U.S. Native Indians owned slaves? Who knew.

I thought only white Americans did and some privileged rich black men.

Live and learn, eh?


  1. That's only the half of it. Native Indians on the Pacific Coast PRIOR TO THE ARRIVAL OF EUROPEANS ANYWHERE IN NORTH AMERICA - also owned slaves.

  2. That's been known for years - just not well publicized. If you dig in the records, you'll find that most of the various groups had no compunctions about raiding the neighbours and picking up slaves. The Blackfoot Confederacy was particularly ferocious, which meant the Cree to the north and the Kootenai to the west had real problems getting to the plains to hunt buffalo.

  3. And as for the blacks, a lot of them were sold into slavery by fellow Africans. Whites didn't just sail up to the African coast and make a quick raid; they had a fairly sophisticated set-up with slaves supplied by locals.


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