Sunday, August 28, 2011

Anti-Semites Obama and Hillary Clinton .... architects of Islamist Egypt ...

bent on destroying Israel. In under 3 years Obama with Hillary's help has managed to do away with Mubarak and his govt who were instrumental in keeping Al Qaeda, Hamas and other islamists from invading Israel's borders. I sincerely hope that all Jews will unite at these alarming times and forget that they are Left or Right and focus only on their Jewishness which is the only factor recognized by their enemies and never their political stance. No amount of pleasing or appeasing the enemy will work. It has not worked before and it will not work now. Accept that truth for what it is and unite with one another. Strength is in unity and oneness of purpose. Jews from all over the world please wake up, unite and speak with one voice to save Israel and yourselves from destruction !!!!

I found the analysis below from Michael Youssef pretty chilling but you know deep down somewhere within you that Israel and the Jewish people are in deep danger and mainly because of the new islamist Egypt. I have given just three links below that should give one an indication of  the kind of profound evil that is clawing it's way through the dirtiest sewers towards Israel and most of the sewage tunnels lead there from the new Egypt.

On the first night of the so-called “Arab Spring” in Egypt, I sat for three hours at a desk at CNN. That night, I did my best to convince an inexperienced, and not very knowledgeable young anchor that this was not the kind of democracy that he and all those in the liberal Western press were making it out to be.

Given my first-hand knowledge of the situation, both empirically and academically, I sought to give him and his viewers a distinct picture of what would unfold. I warned that Islamists would soon sweep these well-meaning young people under the Egyptian sand.

Here we are, nearly eight months later, and I have never been invited back to CNN because they know I have every right to say, “I told you so.”

What was about to happen was apparent to those of us who have watched Islamists who, for years, were salivating to destroy public enemy number one in the Arab world, President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt. For years they have longed to destroy the Egyptian peace treaty with Israel for which Mubarak was a guardian. As they waited, they quietly organized while supporting and supplying Hamas behind the scenes.....

.....However, the unintended consequence of the army’s passivity and decriminalizing of Al-Qaeda and Islamic terrorist elements is that jihad fighters have moved in force into the Sinai Desert from Afghanistan, Yemen, and Gaza. One Egyptian newspaper estimated that at least 6,000 Al-Qaeda fighters are now in Sinai.

First, they overwhelmed the police and took their weapons and now they are reaching their longed for goal –to attack Israel.

On August 17, 2011, some of these Al-Qaeda fighters crossed the Egyptian-Israeli border, reportedly dressed in Egyptian army uniforms. They killed eight Israeli bus passengers and wounded 44 more. Israel mistakenly killed three Egyptian soldiers in the confusion and crossfire, inciting the wrath of a mass of Islamists in front of the Israeli Embassy in Egypt. There they demanded the end of diplomatic relations with Israel.........

And, the following from Doug Giles of ClashRadio at Townhall: ....And lastly, this past week the “freedom folks” in Egypt have put forth their liberty legislation that includes bans on bikinis, mixed bathing on beaches, and drinking beer in public—and they’re even yapping about getting rid of the Sphinx, the pyramids, and other ancient Egyptian archaeological wonders.

Call me weird, but that doesn’t sound like liberty to me.

More here. Slut Laura Booth, sis-in-law to deception master Tony Blair, thinks it's time for Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan to liberate Jerusalem.

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