Monday, August 29, 2011

Time to learn what the book of the worst ideology on earth really says

Open the Koran day. ACT for America is sponsoring this event and it can be held by any of you in your own homes and with just a few friends or a few family members. The purpose of this experiment is to learn, even if  it is in a small part, what this hateful ideology teaches it's followers.  I am sure there are some good sane bits in this book of lies, but they are so few and so far in-between that they are overwhelmed and rendered useless because of  the hatred, killing, suppression, submission and depravity that leaps out at you from almost every page.

The event is to mark the second anniversary of the Fort Hood massacre where the koran monster justified violent jihad by using the doctrine of abrogation to explain jihad’s meaning in the koran.

ACT for America recommends that if you would like to study the koran, The Qur’an Dilemma is an accurate, readable English translation that contains commentaries and analysis, including commentaries on the doctrine of abrogation, the history of the codification of the Koran, chronological sequence of the Koran, and the status of women in the Koran...

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