Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Phyllis Chesler in Toronto

This conference was on "When Middle East Politics invade campus"  ... like we have seen at York University in Toronto and in many other universities all over Canada.  The entire conference is at the second link.

Recently, I participated in a Toronto conference which was sponsored by Advocates for Civil Liberties and coordinated by the rather wonderful Meryle Kates. The speakers were powerful and the audience was packed, respectful, incredibly sober and fully engaged. The title of the conference was "When Middle East Politics Invade the Campus."

No heckling or jeering here.

Now, Kates has edited the entire day's proceedings down into a half hour video. I am posting it for your pleasure and edification. A video of the entire conference may be viewed here.

ACL conference 30 minute version from Will McMaster on Vimeo.

The speakers, including myself, were: A group of amazing Canadian students, Dr. Catherine Chatterly, Maj. Elliot Chodoff, Dr. Richard Cravatts, Dr. Salim Mansur, Dr. Andrew Roberts, and Dr. Gil Troy. Everyone was sophisticated, informative and eloquent. We should have this conference every year. Indeed, every city in the world needs a conference like this every year...........

h/t: Pam

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