Monday, August 15, 2011

Maggoty Jewish socialists panting for "once again"

Infiltration of these, IMO, "Jews-in-name-only" in the social and political strata of Israel is very disheartening to those of us who "Never Again" want harm to come to the Jewish people.

...Yehudit Ilani, for example, a leader of the protests in Jaffa, is an Israeli-Jewish member of the hardline, Arab nationalist party Balad, which openly supports dismantling Jewish statehood and the ‘”right of return” of Palestinian refugees, that is, Israel’s destruction. The party’s original leader, Azmi Bishara, fled Israel after coming under suspicion of spying for Hizballah and is now openly backing that group from exile. One of its elected members, Haneen Zoabi, supports a nuclear Iran.....

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