Friday, August 26, 2011

Muslims doing what they do best .... murder

Muslims killing, beheading and causing mayhem, here, there, everywhere. Not a single corner of the world is left untouched by their madness and bloodlust.

Although no muzzies have taken "credit" so far for the UN car bomb blast in Nigeria, what are the bets that investigations will lead to those addicted to blood and gore?

In Nigeria: There has been a bomb attack at the UN building in the Nigerian capital Abuja, the United Nations says. The BBC's Bashir Sa'ad Abdullahi, who at the site of the explosion, says the ground floor of the building has been badly damaged.The emergency services are removing bodies from the building while a number of wounded are being rushed to hospital, our correspondent says.

"It is an assault on those who devote their life to others" says the UN honcho Ban Ki-moon.

Oh... really?  UN the most useless organization of our modern times. A mouthpiece for oil-rich muslims and rabid Jew haters. "...devote their life to others" PLEASE !!!! Were they volunteers?   Maybe some of the victims were caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.  However,  if you work for the UN, you are working to extend the rule of  the caliphate to places that resist it .... but your brother muslims bombing your UN offices, bent on murder don't know it.

And, elsewhere in Nigeria, A radical Muslim sect blamed for attacks across northeast Nigeria bombed a police station and robbed two banks Thursday, killing 12 people in an assault highlighting the group's escalating willingness to shed blood, authorities said. The sect, known locally as Boko Haram, stormed into the city of Gobi in Adamawa state in broad daylight, first attacking the police precinct with bombs and raking the building with gunfire, police commissioner A.T. Shinaba said. The group killed four police officers and a soldier guarding the area, he said.

In Somalia: Somali Islamist rebels have beheaded at least 11 civilians in the capital in the past two weeks, a campaign of terror that residents said Friday is designed to show the insurgency can still act in Mogadishu after withdrawing from their bases there earlier this month.

"We wake up with beheaded bodies on the streets every day," said Abdinur Marwan, who lives in a district of Mogadishu called Hewila. "They call themselves Muslims while doing what Allah banned! Everyone is trying to leave here because people are being killed like goats."...........

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