Sunday, August 7, 2011

Good one, Mr.McCarthy !!

Andrew McCarthy writes at the NationalReview in response to Chris Christie's remarks about the fear of sharia's advance in the West as "crap" and describing those fearing sharia as "crazies".   And, to think that there were many Republicans who thought this man had it in him to lead them as the head honcho !!  I never liked the man from day one .... my instincts are always good and prove right every time.

This “sharia-law business is crap . . . and I’m tired of dealing with the crazies!” So blustered Chris Christie. Bluster is the New Jersey governor’s default mode. It has certainly served him well. When directed at surly advocates of New Jersey’s teachers’ unions — who, after all, deserve it — bluster can apparently make a conservative heartthrob out of a pol whose bite is bipartisan moderate, however titillating his bark may be.......

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