Thursday, August 11, 2011

Felonious Monk's rant gets Glenn Beck's attention

Beck describes Monk's vid as:“Very, very adult language, but very, very funny, I don’t know anything about him. I just know this video was sent to me last night. And I think it’s hysterical."


  1. Not that it makes much difference, what he says is right on. I am wondering about his name though. Until I read your post tonight I have never heard of this guy but the name Monk means a great deal to me. I am a huge fan of one of jazz`s all time great pianists Thelonious Monk and I wonder is this guy an offspring or just cashing in on the name?

  2. Don't know Bob. Glenn said he thinks he is a rapper but on his YouTube profile he says he is a comedian.
    Here's his website,he seems to be selling T-shirts via that link.

    and here's his YouTube page:

  3. That was good. Linked and "via" credited. That is one Kaffir Kanuck Stamp of approval rant!

  4. LOVE THIS...SO AWEOSME...and I love the rap beat


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