Sunday, August 7, 2011

London burning

Just like TheGuardian and the British lefties  said it would,  the English Defence League laid waste to London yesterday and might continue on it's deadly  warpath  today too.  Just kidding
The media does not want to say that Tottenham is largely a black neighbourhood and as such neighbourhoods go, especially if the people there are Jamaicans (and we bloody well know it) most of the women will have a dozen kids from a dozen lovers and never a single husband, drugs will be in abundance to use and sell, stolen goods will be in almost every house either robbed by household members or stolen goods bought for peanuts and above all else blacks love nothing better than to scream and riot and cause mayhem at the slightest excuse.

No one wants to say that the man killed by a cop's bullet (I didn't even know the pussy cops there had loaded guns) had tried to kill the cop and the cop was lucky that the bullet hit his radio pinned near his chest and not his chest itself.

No one wants to say that the man killed was known to the cops as a drugs and weapons supplier. 
The political correctioness displayed by the media does  more harm than good.  Political correctness is fake reporting and it only incites people to riots and protests because they are made to believe by the media something that is not true ... in this case, that the man was an innocent nobody and the cops mowed him down for no reason.  

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