Sunday, August 21, 2011

Elizabeth May discusses the oil sands and Libya with Ezra Levant

Why would TransCanada want to create 1000s of jobs in the USA instead of here in Canada? Something is very screwy with this plan and Canadians should put their foot down and get TransCanada to walk away from this pipeline initiative and instead build a refinery or two here on Canadian soil instead of sending the oil down south for the process.

The environmentalists down south are against the pipeline. They probably get their money from people invested in the dirty Arab oil, and so they are protesting in their thousands, outside the White House and intend to do so way into September 3.
 So ... please let's please the environ- mental cases there and at the same time please the job seekers here. Ditch the pipeline project and instead build additional refineries right here in Canada. Win-Win situation all around.

The discussion here on SUNTV is from July 22 and most of Ezra's fans might have seen it before. I totally agree with everything Elizabeth May says in this intervview. She's on the dot on every statement she's made here. Whether you dislike her other policies or not, you gotta agree she is talking complete sense here.

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