Sunday, August 28, 2011

Matt Drudge was right all along ...

I was wondering why Drudge was not updating his site with red highlights re. hurricane Irene. Now I fully understand the phrase "creating a storm in a teacup"  because that's what all this upheaval was about and Drudge knew it.  He was determined not to create mountains out of molehills.

BTW, did anyone get the feeling that this hurricane was made out to be what it was not in order to deflect attention from what's happening in Libya?   Did anyone also get the feeling that certain areas in New York would now have been equipped with more powerful vid cams taking advantage of the almost deserted streets and that some powerful new technology has been introduced to NY's transport on the pretext of keeping it suspended due to the hurricane?  If you got that feeling, you are not alone.  Big Brother got himself a new pair of bifocals....that's for sure.   

Below are some items on the "hurricane of the century" that the TV stations were screaming about. Some of the comments to those are so funny !!   Those one-liners !!

via: Drudge

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